• Collaborate+Incubate+Accelerate

    Project + is a business and innovation advisory. It helps start-ups, growing and established companies enhance their business and technical skills and business competencies.

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    Project Alpha Plus

    Helps you navigate...

    It's tough growing a business without having all the right skills available. Project + Advisors provide the expertise to help you with your business at every stage of growth.


    Growth and success needs alignment between the customer requirements, the prime contractor and subcontractors to ensure an efficient and successful supply chain.


    Through our established networks we provide advice on addressing market opportunities, especially in the technology, aerospace, defence and cyber sectors.


    Collaborate + Incubate + AccelerateTM

  • Our Business Model

    Building superior skills, solid experience and strong networks costs a lot of money and the companies that need them the most can least afford them. This is where Project + comes in...


    Project + provides corporate and project-specific advisory services at a number of levels, according to the client’s needs. We can provide short-term advisory services to support a company or consortium pursuing a specific project or business opportunity. Or we can provide a broader, longer-term portfolio of services, including leadership mentoring, focussed on the ongoing business development needs of a company, consortium or even an entire supply chain.


    An Independent Advisory Board provides advice and mentoring so that clients can be coached by the best in the business. Project + Advisors have built successful businesses and know the market. They can assist with setting up new business ventures or rapidly growing current ones.

    Innovation Consulting

    Innovation is something that allows individuals and organisations to change and improve their processes, procedures and products, and achieve a superior outcome – the greater the change, the better the outcome, the greater the impact of the innovation.


    Project + helps clients identify the potential for innovation in their operations and product portfolio. Unlock the innovativeness that’s latent in people and organisations. Optimise organisational structures to exploit innovation, both internally and with partners and so focus their R&D towards commercial outcomes.  

    Membership Networking


    The Project + Membership Network is an exclusive group that companies, research institutions and individuals can join. Members benefit from our specialist knowledge of markets and business and promotional opportunities, as well as from our ability to create and lead industry teams. We also provide advocacy on behalf of single companies, industry networks and even entire sectors or supply chains.

  • Core Capabilities

    Collaborate + Incubate + Accelerate™ 

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    Incubate IP

    To introduce new technologies and start-ups into the defence and aerospace Industries.

    • Provision of specialist virtual incubation service working in collaboration with physical incubators such as Hub NSW.
    • Incubation in its own right using an online resource.
    • Mentors
    • Training and professionalisation 
    • Links to specialist groups in Universities and Research Groups
    • Links to other member associations including, for example AIDN and AIPM.
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    Accelerate Growth

    To assist small existing technology companies entering the defence and aerospace market by making them 'Defence' competitive. To help existing defence companies become more competitive.

    • “Business in a Box” assisting emerging technology companies develop their business covering all aspects of both front and back office, however technology agnostic.
    • Business and market alignment makes for efficient supply chains and ensures the best outcomes.
    • Skills and capability audit and analysis. Undertaking gap analysis and recommendations.
    • Training and mentoring to ensure skills are appropriate and position is in line with 'Defence' thinking.
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    Collaborate to Build

    Assist in development of Australian owned industry collaboration leading to enhanced local capability.

    • Thin Prime’ contracting potential through high-level systems integration leadership and representation
    • Industry partnerships
    • Alignment assessments
    • Conduit for industry participation 
    • Industry capability database
    • Capability Studies for industry, government and prime contractors
    • Links to overseas collaboration networks
  • Value Proposition

    Independent Advisors

    We offer support and advisory services to help the company achieve success without incurring expensive consulting fees. The Independent Advisory Board is a highly effective and low cost alternative to the consulting model. Our Advisors are independent and are not swayed by conflicts of interest often seen with consultants.

    Knowledge Base

    Collectively the team have reviewed over 1,000 technology companies and helped develop and grow start-ups, SME's and major Australian and overseas companies. With backgrounds from many sectors in technology they bring real understanding of the sectors and from the best in the world.

    Unequaled Network

    We provide an unbiased network of like minded companies and partners as well as prime contractors and direct links into funding sources and numerous government departments.

    Lobbying and Promotion

    We understand government clients and what is needed. We understand large and small technology companies and their capabilities. With our extensive media and publishing experiences we can write copy for promotional purposes for marketing material, magazines, social media and newspapers.

  • The Advisors

    We've got the best Advisors money can buy!

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    Dr Gregor Ferguson


    Greg is a defence industry and innovation analyst and consultant who has made a considerable contribution in Australia’s new and welcoming defence business environment. Gregor has worked in the defence industry and media for more than 30 years, most notably as editor and editor at large of Australian Defence Magazine (1998-2011).

    He is a former Chair of the SADIG Innovation Sub-Committee and on a part-time basis is the Executive Manager, Innovation and Industry Engagement at AMDA Foundation, which organises the Avalon Air Show, Pacific International Maritime Expo and Land Forces Expo. Since 2012 he has run the Innovation Program at each of these events.

    Gregor’s doctoral thesis studied the factors which enable or prevent successful product innovation by Australian defence companies. This is an area of growing importance to which he brings his own knowledge and nearly 30 years' experience of defence acquisition, defence R&D and defence industry in Australia.


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    Mr Jonathan Bradshaw


    Jon was the recipient of the prestigious 2019 Institute of Engineering & Technology ‘Jack Finlay Medal’ for his contribution to the Manufacturing Industry. As former Chair of SADIG Skills and member of the SADIG Executive Committee, Jon was involved in numerous industry submissions, studies, workshops and roundtables including the UNSW Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Scoping Study, and the UNSW Advanced Composites Centre.

    He has had extensive experience in Manufacturing and Engineering Project and Bid Team management. Areas of specialisation include the aerospace, defence, maritime, and scientific sectors, involving collaborative research projects with the major research institutions in the commercialisation of market led products and services, unique high productivity process solutions and the use of high-strength lightweight materials. Jon has also been a forthright and vigorous Advanced Manufacturing and Sovereign Defence Industry Advocate towards the future for high technology, high value manufacturing, and inclusive STEM skills agendas.


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    Mr Nigel Hennessy


    Nigel is a professional company director specialising in digital transformation, governance, commercialisation and marketing data analytics. He is a specialised advisor in entrepreneurship and is a Certified Chair through the Advisory Board Centre. He also spent 10 years as a Commercialisation Advisor with the federal government.


    He is currently an independent director at Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM); director at the Australian Institute of Music (AIM); deputy Chair Framanco Consultants (WA) and Chair at Spatial Hub Analytics. His experience is extensive in leadership positions including CEO for EASAMS Australia Ltd. Regional Managing Director Simoco Pacific, General Manager Defence at Adacel Technologies, Divisional Manager Software Sciences and General Manager Defence and deputy MD of BAE Systems Australia.


    Nigel spent 10 years with the Royal Navy working as an intelligence analyst in nuclear submarine tactics and headed the data collection analysis group in ASPL as well as a METOC commissioned officer.

  • Getting Started...

    Building Businesses and Opportunties


    Advisory Boards

    When you are not sure where to start, an Advisory Board allows you to get your business moving in the right direction. It provides a framework that allows progress to be monitored and maintained at a fraction of the cost of employing a General Manager.



    Analytical Models

    Providing an end to end business scoping, technology mapping and team building service to develop future business sustainability.


    Project + can undertake 360 deg reviews covering the business, market and staff capabilities identifying risks and opportunities through our Analytical models.


    Targeted Projects

    Whether it's a business that needs help with Acceleration or perhaps a product or project that needs to be made commercial, we have the expertise and experience to assist. We can support your search to find the right partner that can help enhance the probability of success for your product or service. If a tender, we can help put together the best possible team. We can also run Red and Blue Team reviews. For a new product we can provide advice and support on manufacturing, funding and 'Go to Market' strategies and channels.


    Networking and Promotion

    One of the most precious commodities in business is market knowledge and intelligence: Keeping one or more steps ahead of the competition.


    The Project + exclusive membership structure enables companies to become part of an informed network of enterprises.

  • Membership of Project +

    Become an exclusive member and be ahead of the curve...


    • Regular events and Working Group meetings to help members identify partners, customers, suppliers  and supply chain opportunities within the Group at large
    • Identification of strategic opportunities which can be pursued by members or on a collective basis
    • Joint events with other industry groups and bodies at both State and Commonwealth level
    • Early advice of industry briefings on major opportunities and business developments


    • Identifying industry opportunities and helping members to position themselves appropriately
    • Identifying Industry needs and the means to satisfy these – skills, market access, market intelligence
    • Facilitating adoption of new innovation processes and practices
    • Providing opportunity for think tank, with respect to future innovative industry opportunities
    • Promoting members’ capabilities to customer groups worldwide
    • Promoting industry leaders
    • Advocacy: giving those leaders a voice to speak for Sydney companies to customers and Government
    • Providing strategic customers with a point of contact for the Aerospace and Defence industries in Sydney
    • Facilitating access to trade shows, industry missions and export events
    • Facilitating Government support for exports, innovation and skills development
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